Data architecture – so what?

Read an interesting post How to Present Data Quality Dimensions For Maximum Impact .

The blog is about data quality but it applies to all aspects of data management.

It offers good advice – when presenting to business users:

  • don’t talk about the technicalities
  • put it in terms that they will understand
  • tell them how you are able to solve their problems.

The author sums it up quite succintly – “ask yourself if your presentation answers two simple words – so what?”.

Last year I attended a DAMA UK event – So how do we remain relevant? – on a related theme – the need to better articulate the value of data management.

Someone mentioned the importance of the 3 R’s:

  • Revenue – increase it
  • Reduce costs
  • Regulatory – ensure meeting risk and compliance standards

Whatever we are working on – should always be meeting one or more the 3 R’s.

And as importantly – we should be ready to articulate them in terms that will resonate with the particular business audience.

The question was asked – what would your ‘elevator pitch’ be for the benefits of data architecture (insert any aspect of data management) to the CEO, CIO, business manager, IT project manager, developer etc?

I tend to use the generic – data architecture is about ensuring – “the right data, to the right people, at the right time”.

I realise I need to do a lot of refinement on this to ‘effectively sell’ data architecture to the rest of the business!


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