Where now for corporate IT?

In an interesting article Must IT solutions always be based on software? Lyn Robinson makes the assertion that “When software becomes a commodity, IT solutions will be based on information requirements.”

I agree with his general sentiment and think that over the next few years corporate IT is going to have to change the way that it thinks and operates.

Enterprise architecture is sometimes categorised into four ‘pillars’:

  • business
  • information
  • solution
  • technical

Traditionally IT and EA groups within organisations have focused on the last two with less attention payed to information and business architecture – see The State Of EA In 2009 – A Disconnect Between Goals And Activities? As the last last two increasingly become viewed as commodities and sourced externally, this is going to have to switch.

As Todd Biske comments – “IT needs to change its fundamental thinking from provider to advisor or be at risk of becoming irrelevant.”


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