Is IT part of the business?

How many times have you seen words to the effect of – ‘the business and IT’?

For example:

  • ‘we need to get the business and IT to work more effectively together’
  • ‘we need better business and IT alignment’

I was reading an interesting blog today it contained a diagram that had the business on one side and IT on the other.

It got me thinking – in any of the above – would you replace the word ‘IT’ with another business unit?

Would you say ‘the business and Sales’? HR? Finance? Marketing? Research etc etc?

If not – why do we treat IT as a special case? Why do we use language that effectively treats IT as a separate entity from ‘the business’?

Does using language like this lead to a mindset which creates barriers within an enterprise?


3 Responses to Is IT part of the business?

  1. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen says:

    I’m with you 100 % Michael. Silly IT centric way of dividing a company and the people within into two pots.

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  3. […] I disagree. So do many other people as for example Michael Baylon in this blog post called Is IT part of the business? […]

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