Database development tools

If you were starting out again in database development where would you go to find useful developer tools?

Compared to general software development, not only is there a lack of tooling in the database development space – there does not seem to be that many sites that list tools in this area.

So, I thought I’d put together a list that I use – or have used in the past.

Most are free to use or require a small payment.

Area Tool Notes
Source control Subversion There are a number of similar tools out there with various pros/cons.
I have found this more than adequate for my needs.
Build tool Nant Similar to the point above. Relatively easy to create a library for automating database specific tasks to reuse in all projects.
Database unit testing tool DBTestUnit There are number of others out there including dbFit , tSQLUnit and utPLSQL
Schema compare RedGate SQL Compare Great tool for comparing environments, will display differences and generate change scripts. Does require payment.
Searching SQL scripts SQLDigger Search SQL scripts for specific words. Really useful when refactoring / changing a db eg finding dependencies between SQL objects. Does require a small payment.
DB sizing tool SQLDBsize Displays the number of rows, disk space reserved and disk space used by your tables or databases.
Auto generating insert scripts SQLStatementGenerator Generates insert, update, or delete SQL statements eg to generate
insert SQL scripts based on existing data in a table.

The Database Testing Framework contains a SQL script in the ‘DatabaseTestingHelperScripts’ that does a similar thing for insert scripts.

Have you got alternatives for the tools listed above?

Or suggestions for tools in other areas such as static code analysis, performance tools?

Last modified: 2010-07-31


4 Responses to Database development tools

  1. Tom Harris says:

    Really nice to see SQL Compare from Red Gate on the list. We do offer a broad range of database tools. let me highlight a few

    SQL Search – free tool rapidly searching your SQL Server dbs

    Schema Compare for Oracle- SQL Compare, but for Oracle

    SQL Source Control – proper source control from SSMS

    You can take a look at all these tools at

  2. Thanks all – for the responses on a number of different LinkedIn groups – main thread being on Database Developers and Architects Group


    Dan Davis – TeamWork – for database change management software

    Joe Shawfield – is releasing a product for database development and building web applications –

    Abhijit Chandra – Embacadero’s Rapid SQL/ER Studio

    Koos Fourie – Toad for Oracle and MS SQL Server

    Ratan Kalwa – – ETL and Change Management.

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