What about the I in IT?

Mark McDonald has recently written an interesting blog – The big when for IT is now.

The following quote particularly resonated with me:
“Finally, the strategic importance of IT has shifted, it’s no longer about can it run or will it run – those are now givens. Rather it is about what will be different, what will be of value, how will things support our uniqueness in the marketplace and with our customers.”

I agree with Mark’s general point that technology is becoming increasingly commoditised and therefore less likely to offer one organisation a competitive advantage over another.

But, do many organisations have the required information quality to enable them to know ‘what will be of value’ and to have, for example, a 360 degree view of their ‘best’ customers?

I have also been following a discussion on LinkedIn – Raison d’être – Information has value – everything else in IT is a cost. Discuss

A controversial title and an interesting discussion – definitely worth looking at.

The two items got me thinking about the current nature of IT in many organisations.

Corporate IT departments will spend 70% to 80% of it’s budget on ‘keeping the lights on’ – basically on the technology/infrastructure side of things.

A small % is typically spent on information/data management. It is the data that is unique to an organisation, not the commoditised technology, and it is the intelligent use of this data that can offer an organisation competitive advantage.

Many organisations do not put an appropriate focus on the ‘I’ part of IT.

But, is this about to change? Will IT functions within organisation have to focus more on the ‘I’ side of things or face the risk of becoming marginalised?

What do you think?


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